The cause I like Vietnam tour


1. Street food

Vietnamese food is renown everywhere for its delicious flavour.Food in Vietnam is diverse with a lot of different types for example sticky rice, Saigon bagurette, rice noodles.How to make food is a quite astonishingly effortless, sometime they only combine all the ingredients all together and a enjoyable dinner is all ready!Traveling along Vietnamese streets, you undoubtedly will come across street food stalls in all places.It’s is definitely an excellent experience to savour Vietnamese meal on the cheap stools in some narrow corners.

2. Cross the road
In case you are from some developed nations having a trip to Vietnam, then passing the street is an crucial know-how you should know.Thanks to the widespread acceptance of motorbike, the streets in Vietnam is crowded with two-wheel motorcycles that could scarcely project their movement.Be sure that you walk calmly across the lane. Any attempt to run as well as out of the blue change the direction is forbidden.The traffict will flow surrounding you, because of this don’t stress to muchI love the mood once i get successfully get to the other side of the street. It feels like I have won some challenging game!

3. Coffee
Being known as the 2nd largest coffee supplier of the world, Vietnam is the paradise of coffee.You ought to try the “original taste of coffee” in Vietnam: they are really tougher than normal.Coffee in Vietnam is often used with sweeten condense milk, which leads to a great taste. To enjoy the finest taste of Vietnam coffee, you should drink in Highland coffee store.It’s great to sit in the coffee shop of Vietnam, enjoying a hot cup of coffee while seeing the everyday life of people.

Vietnam tour packages are enticing with exotic sceneries

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for any Vietnam holiday packages.Halong definitely lives up to the name “herritage site of the world”.Visiting Halong bay, the stunning scenery will make you feel like you have dropped into some paradise on earth.Covered by rainforests in the top, towering limestone islands is the most appealing highlights in Halong bay.The forms of limestone karsts and also isles is diverse.My experience is to stay away from public holiday and peak time if you are going to visiting this place.

5. City parks
Vietnamese parks are full of vigorous music combined with exercises.Each day, in the morning-time and in the sunset, you could find a crowd of individuals performing aerobics or dancing together beside the lake.You may as well see people jogging and running in the park.Because of these collective activities, Vietnamese people are pretty close with each other.You can join those physical exercises to gain more entertaining if you would like to; no need to be anxious, you are always welcome since Vietnamses people are harmonious.

So, even though other tours (such as Vietnam and Cambodia travel and Myanmar travel packages) are good as well, I still like Vietnam package holiday the most.

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