Firt of all, Do you have a specific product or a product line to look for?
Why you need to do that? – Because of the fact that Each clothing manufacturer are strong in manufacturing only some kinds of clothing. For instant, some just focus on knitted garmentwhile some are only producing woven products.

Secondly, What you might concern is where to reach them
Google woud be a the fastest and most simple engine for you. They are all on the internet . However, The searching skill is essential.You could find according name of your prouduct with the information of a specific country. For example you could search with “clothing manufacturer vietnam” instead.

Thirdly, look insight the service the are offering by using following questions

– which kind of service among OEM, ODM, One-Stop-Shop, full package service they are providing? A manufacturer who can provide you a full package service would always be very professional due to the fact that they could cover every stage of manufacturing process for you.

– Could they help you develop new kind of fabrics. You could free yourself from the mess of sourcing process if they could arrange for it

+Do they keep themself updated with new knowledge, technology and innovation of yarn and fabric?. If yes, they would be very active in material development and even support you with valued suggestion or solution.

+ Can you realize on their sourcing department? A reliable sourcing department are very important for any producer. Without this department, they could not be flexible in their materials development. Their input materials cost would be high. Therefore, they could not provide you a reasonable price

+ Have they got a close-knit relationship with materials suppliers? This is an essential point to decide if they are trustworthy. You should be careful as, somtimes, people lie you with a list of suppliers while those suppliers are not actually supplying them. You can easily check with supplier listed by them if they are actually their partners.

And finally, Are they able to handle technical requirements? How they handle your technical requirement would show you alot about their their ability.

+ Would they be able to understand your idea exactly? The prerequisite to be good at manufacturder is to have good designers and technicians who are able got your idea of the products very quickly and accurately. In case that you feel that It’s hard for them to understand your idea, they can’t be a good supplier. Language is also very important in this case as it may cause some difference in how people understanding about the same thing. If you language or English are familiar with them, it would help to avoid a lot of misunderstanding caused by the language barriers.

+ Do their technicians equipped with modern technology? It would decide how good your products would be manufactured. pattern making, samples development, preparing tech-pack… all would be handle in awhile. All are essential for the quality of your products. In addition, for high functional products, for example activewear, technicians teams who have knowledge in structure of the product are must-have for that activewear clothing manufacturer.

Are they capable to manufacturing? I means that how goood their factory is?, How many worker they have?, How many machine they have and How good those machines are.

I really hope that you could find anything that help you after reading this article

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