Bison at home: NDSU pride shines through home decor


Bison at home: NDSU pride shines through home decor

You don’t need to be a home decor buff to know that white marble is trending—a simple scroll through your Instagram feed confirms that the look is every blogger’s background of choice right now.
On Insta and Pinterest and blogs as well as in lifestyle magazines, you’ll spot chic white marble coffee tables, desks, bowls, lamps, candle holders, and more. Even tissue-box covers are getting the marble treatment.
Of course, marble is an inherently expensive material to decorate with, but budget-friendly home stores are using ceramics to give the same effect at a fraction of the cost. So whether you’re looking to invest in the real-deal version of this luxe decor look or searching for something cheap and chic to elevate your space, keep clicking to shop 30 stunning pieces that match a range of budgets.
RGO—There was no shortage of green and gold on display this week and weekend for North Dakota State University’s homecoming, but more people are showing their Bison pride year-round in their homes.

But the Bison’s influence on home decorating extends beyond the obvious. A metallic display at Scheels Home & Hardware features a silver bison skull. Three bison lumber forward in a new painting in stock. Understated bronze bison statues act as conversation-starters in offices.
Here are some more ideas for adding a little (or a lot of) Bison flair to your home.
Windows and walls
Longtime stained-glass artist Ramon Morin Jr. creates Bison-logo windows at his south Fargo shop, Studio Renaissance. Plan ahead if you’d like to commission a piece. They take time to create. “I’m trying to incorporate art with team passion and alumni love,” he says.
Julie Alin, design consultant for Scheels Home & Hardware, says if you want to paint a room or accent wall Bison green or gold, bring any licensed item to the paint shop and they’ll match it for you.
You may have heard that flooring from the old Bison Sports Arena is being used by several area businesses—Jade Presents, Proof Artisan Distillers and Drekker Brewing Co., to name a few—but some private citizens are using it, too.

The basketball court floor is gone, but Seth Carlson, owner of ICSS, says there’s still maple racquetball court floor from the BSA available.
If you’re not up for a floor remodel, you can still purchase a piece of Bison history from Fargo furniture maker Grain Designs. Supplies are limited, but benches made of BSA bleacher wood are still listed on its website,
For something more traditional, the bookstore sells NDSU Westminster rocking chairs.
Artwork and accents
Alin and Jodi Askew, buyer for the NDSU Bookstore, say Bison wall hangings are selling really well. Those include canvas prints, championship banners, flags and pennants and wall decals. Alin adds that Bison green and gold go well with the chocolate and mocha tones that are hot right now.
If you’d prefer to save your green and gold for game day, there are plenty of subtler ways to add a Bison presence to your home, say, with buffalo artwork. “It’s now cool to have buffalo in your family room ,” Alin says. “It’s kind of a trend in itself around here anyway.

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