A guide to Cao Bang for backpacker


    Cao Bang Backpacking Travel guide

    In Vietnam, you do not need to book popular tour package such as Hoi An holiday package and Hanoi holiday package to be surprised. There are a lot of off-the-tourist-track destinations that is stunning and amazing, and Cao Bang is one of them. Two most famous destinations in Cao Bang is Ban Gioc waterfall (which is recognized by the whole world to be one of the four most beautiful waterfalls) and Nguom Ngao Cave (which is voted to be the most stunning cave in Vietnam).

    a guide to Cao Bang for backpackers
    a guide to Cao Bang for backpackers

    To travel to Cao Bang from Hanoi, you need to cross 272 kilometers. It is also quite convenient to travel from Cao Bang to other cities. For example, if you want to come to Lang Son, you can go on 4B national route. To come to China, you should choose 3 national route while to come to Ha Giang you must be on 34 national route.

    You can also come to Cao Bang by couch or by personal means of transportation. If you plan to travel to Cao Bang by your own vehicle, please remember to bring your necessary personal documents with you. Tools to repair the car are also necessary too.



    Cao Bang is really hot during summer time. I think the best time to travel to Cao Bang is spring to autumn when the weather becomes cooler (and even a little bit chilly)


    It usually cost 150.000 VND to 500.000 VND per hotel room in Cao Bang. Some recommended hotels in Cao Bang are Anh Duong, Ky Dieu, Phong Lan. It is advised that you book your room in advance and contemplate the location carefully to see whether it is convenient for traveling

    Place to visit

    Ban Gioc waterfall, one of 4 most greatest waterfalls in the world, is place to visit when you come to Cao Bang. It is well-known for its magnificent beauty with water flows from the height of 30 meters. Near Ban Gioc waterfall is Nguom Ngao which is called “rocks world” due to its diversity in color and shape of rocks

    Thang Hen lake is another attraction. Being 1000 meters high, it reflects the blue of trees growing around. Especially, it observes two turns of tidal wave a day. There is another lake nearby called Thang Luong lake. In the middle of Thang Luong lake there is a moutain, constituting a picturesque view.

    Visiting Thang Hen, you can try boat sailing toward upstream to disver Thang Hen cave or see stilt houses of local people. Two places not be forgotten are Phia Den which is consider the second Tam Dao and Phuc Son traditional village

    In addition, Cao Bang has a lot of historical relics such as Hoang Dinh Giong relic, Ngam Dao relic, Phao Dai relic, Lung Tau cave, Na Sac relic, Bo Thay relic, Keo Quang relic, Kim Dong relic, etc

    Among these places, Pac Bo relic is the most famous and attractive relic. It is the place where Uncle Ho put his first steps when he returned Vietnam in 1941. It is also the place where he lived and worked to find the best way to help Vietnam people gain independence. You can visit Le Nin fountain, conquer Cac Mac moutain and learn about Bo Bam cave, Coc Bo cave and Nam foutain

    If you have time, do not forget to come to Nghieu Son Linh, Bach Ma wall which shows vestiges of Ho and Mac dynasty. Remember to drop by Da temple and Bach Linh temple where firework festival is hold annally.

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